iMentor facilitates the matching process of Mentor and Mentee

  • Tuesday, November 22, 2022
  • Posted By GM Leadership Hive

GC Business Growth Hub is seeking business leaders who wish to work with a mentor, and companies who would like to provide mentors as part of their social value policy. And join the exciting expansion of our Greater Manchester Leadership Hive mentoring programme. GC Business Growth Hub expanded and strengthened our current mentoring programme in October by launching iMentor, to address the business growth needs of the Greater Manchester businesses.

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iMentor works by matching service users who are looking for business guidance, with an experienced mentor who is able to provide useful knowledge and help to apply actionable strategies. The long term benefits of which include business growth, increased knowledge, support and networking.

The existing programme has discovered that 97% of mentees found having a Mentor has helped them improve their business performance.

GC Business Growth Hub, The Growth Company

Due to the success of the programme, GC Business Growth Hub has developed and launched a digital mentoring platform called iMentor. This allows SMEs who meet the criteria and are based in Greater Manchester to apply and be matched with a suitable mentor. If your company meets the minimum requirements, you may qualify for this fully funded support to work with a mentor.

Criteria to work with a mentor

  • All sectors eligible
  • Less than 249 FTE employees
  • Growing business looking to increase profitability and/or create jobs
  • Must be looking to improve leadership/productivity/resilience and the Mentee must be a key decision-maker in the business or looking to personally develop their leadership skills within a senior post

The Mentors are provided by GC Business Growth Hub, who are senior executive leaders from a variety of sectors, sizes and skills. Our mentors provide their knowledge, time and experience voluntarily to give back to the GM business community.

We actively welcome any new volunteer mentors to join the programme if they can support Greater Manchester businesses to grow and prosper and would like to share their experience and knowledge.

Mentors will commit to supporting a business up to 8 hours and will offer mentoring via face-to face meetings or by virtual means to suit the needs of both parties.

This is a unique opportunity for businesses to gain access to high-calibre mentors with experience to share knowledge, ideas, and good practice.

If this is something your company - for you and your senior leaders would like to apply for, or you would like to be a volunteer mentor please register your details on the iMentor platform here.