Launchpad: Creating a positive company culture - with Dawn Duggan

  • Friday, September 1, 2023
  • Posted By GM Leadership Hive

Dawn Duggan, Head of People, Skills & Talent at GC Business Growth Hub, explains what is meant by company culture and the gives tips on creating a positive environment and the issues faced in building a culture into a business.

As Dawn says: “Businesses have quite a lot of challenges in making sure they get the culture right.”

One of the issues Dawn takes on is the change prompted by the pandemic between in-person to virtual back to in-person: “They have the challenge of getting the culture right for the people used to being an in-person to going digital and then hybrid, but then also the people that have never known anything different other than it being a virtual approach.”


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[Launchpad is a TechBlast’s podcast webinar series, organised by BusinessCloud Publishing]